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Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Watcher - Kaosaura


Finnish black metal is some of the most interesting in the world right now. The Watcher build on this proud tradition with their intense, unexpected and sometimes skronky new album, Kaosaura. This is black metal done with a unique vision for what the genre can be, with melodic black metal flourishes and death metal leanings, an album that is ambitious and powerful, a testimony to the breadth of the compositions that have sculpted Kaosaura into being such an interesting listen and a record that goes so much deeper than its peers in the genre. 

Kaosaura impresses because of the ability to meld savage vocals with off kilter, but surprisingly intricate guitar work into a cohesive whole. The Watcher have very quickly been able to establish a distinct voice for themselves with unexpected and weird melodies, and unique rhythmic patterns, all couched within the larger world of black metal. The band has managed to nail down the vibe but then bring in all sorts of diverse and exciting elements in order to present themselves as being a step up from those around them. While The Watcher certainly do lean into some of the classic black metal elements, and those moments rule, it's often the more unexpected performances that really make you sit up in your seat in fascination at what's been done. 

The Watcher know how to lean into their own sense of bombast and the chaotic ministrations of their music and weirdo melodies are often addictive. There are some moments of wonderful iniquitous savagery that help to shape Kaosaura and it's hard not to be mesmerized with the depth and level of the performances found throughout this album. The Watcher are a band who bring black metal to new places whilst clearly remembering their roots. It's in this dichotomy that I think many of us will end up falling in love. 

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