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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Flesher - Tales of Grotesque Demise


Flesher is death metal done right. It's brutal, primitive and unrelentingly crushing. Their new album Tales Of Grotesque Demise emerges from Indianapolis with a storm of riffs, guttural vocals and a desire to crack skulls everywhere they go. There is a wonderful and a twisted vision that guides listeners forward on this albu mand the bands willingness to unleash tightly controlled hell makes for some addictive listening. Featuring current and former members of Skeletonwitch, Chrome Waves and Wretch, Flesher bring a bit of experience to the table when it comes to tearing listeners apart. 

Tales Of Grotesque Demise is a record that is unafraid to showcase its influences. The bands steady diet of old school death metal riffs and punishing gutturals makes for addictive listening. While it is certainly not for everyone, for those of us in love with death metal there is going to be a lot to indulge in on this particular offering. Flesher have a clear vision and it involves chopping people into tiny pieces. Throw in a killer guest spot from Sanguisugabogg's Devin Swank and you have yourself a band who understand what it takes to grind listeners to dust. Just look at the name of the final track, "Flesher (Will Kill You)" - a clear enough message. 

While Tales Of Grotesque Demise is certainly an album obsessed with death metals putrid past, this isn't an immature work. It's a record that sounds and feels good to listen too. It's a record that adds to the death metal canon in a storm of chainsaw riffs and barked vocals. There are some undeniable grooves here and the performances are wonderfully tight. Flesher understand the twisted nature of this music and it's hard not to fall in love with what's been done if you are a 90's Florida death metal addict. So come on in, the blood is fine. 

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