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Friday, July 14, 2023

I.C.E - Ancient Glacial Resurgence


Imperial Crystalline Entombment, otherwise known as I.C.E have been underground favorites for twenty years now. With Ancient Glacial Resurgence the bands first new album in years the group manage to prove once more why they were once USBM staples. The frosty lyrical themes have stayed consistent, but more than that, Imperial Crystalline Entombment prove that they remain some of the best songwriters in black metal. Their melodic and endlessly hooky approach makes for a really fun listening experience you won't soon forget. 

While one might think that a record exclusively about ice would get a little cheesy, Imperial Crystalline Entombment find a way to make it work. Much like their modern contemporaries Frozen Soul, there is really something to be said for a band who focus on the almighty power of the frigid cold. Ancient Glacial Resurgence leans into these elements with aplomb, consistently proving to fans that they are an immortal and undying force. With ferocious performances all around, it's easy to see why I.C.E made such a big impact in the early 2000's. This new offering seems poised to help bring back power to the term 'frostbitten black metal'. 

It's important to remember that this record kicks off with the singer screaming "We are still fucking Iiiiiiiice" before going into a wonderfully bleak sonic assault. Across ten tracks on Ancient Glacial Resurgence Imperial Crystalline Entombment roll out some of the best, most razor edged melodic black metal I have heard in a good long while. Ancient Glacial Resurgence is an absolute crusher, any way you slice it. If you're not ready to immerse yourself in the frigid bleakness then turn around, I.C.E are only for the cold. 

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