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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Taake - Et Hav Av Avstand


The time has at last come for Taake's first new full length in 6 years. I remember the whirlwind of flame that was Kong Vinter and the excitement around that, and it feels like Et Hav Av Avstand is going to inspire similar devotion. There is a raw and burning energy to this latest offering from Taake and the flaming ferocity that is brought to the table on this album speaks to Taake's nearly 30 years of crafting some of Bergen's most wonderfully twisted and gut wrenching black metal staples. The long wait has been more than worth it. 

First things first - realize that this album is very much in line with Taake's past work. It's monochromatic black metal with stellar songwriting, frigid vibes and vigorously old school. That means that Et Hav Av Avstand remains beautifully raw and unrelenting, it's an album that would not have been out of place in 1993, if not for the fact that project mastermind Hoest's musical ability has only grown in the last few decades. If you've been following Taake's career with the sequence of splits they've released in the interim between full lengths then you kind of will know what to expect on this album, but it's impressive to hear how Hoest has taken things to a different level whilst staying true to having the same basic elements. 

Et Hav Av Avstand is a monster album and one that builds nicely on a legacy of violence that has helped to make Taake such a legend in the first place .There is a very real frozen sorcery that helps to make this such a compelling album and indulging in the storm of riffs and relentlessly pounding blast beats is a delight. Taake continue to prove their profound understanding of the underground and will leave listeners in awe once more. Eight albums and twenty eight years in you might be forgiven for your music getting less fierce, but Taake have proven once more why they are among the best. 

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