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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Voyager - Fearless In Love


Voyager stunned the world with their Eurovision performances earlier this year. Now they're back with a new album on Season of Mist. The keytar wielding bands brand of heavy rock is inherently fun and danceable, it's music that comes across with a bucketload of bombast and is sure to get the kids dancing. Voyager know how to write some truly great pop music and Fearless In Love sees them executing some of their best ever stuff at the highest level, leaving listeners in awe and hinting at so much more to come for the band. 

The first thing that struck me about this album was the quality of the hooks. The second thing to impress me was the depth of the production. The vision of this record is incredibly bold and clearminded, allowing them to bring in surprising elements, like the electronic beats of "Promise" which serve as a refreshing counterpoint to many of the more arena rock themed elements of the album. The end result is a really engaging and in many ways transcendent record that continually hints at bold new futures for the music that Voyager present to us on Fearless In Love. Voyager have found a way to combine myriad ideas into a stunning, timeless whole. 

Fearless In Love is an ambitious offering, but one that is going to stand the test of time. Voyager prove on this album that they are endlessly talented and wonderfully diverse songwriters. They prove that arena rock isn't dead and that somehow, keytars can be made unironically cool. The bands sound here is epic and transcendent, the exact sort of generation defining, fist pumping rock music that so many of us have been searchign for for such a long time. Voyager are one of a kind and seem capable of so much more down the line, get on the bandwagon now before it gets too crowded!

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