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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Aegrus - Invoking The Abysmal Night


Sometimes you just need pure, unfiltered black metal to get you through your Saturday. Aegrus understand this and deliver it at a thousand miles an hour. Dedicated to the darkest things in life, Satan, Lucifer and death, their new album Invoking The Abysmal Night is seven tracks of all caps BLACK METAL. There is no need for subtlety on this album, no need to try to pretend it's something other than it is, and the end result is a record that is addictive, powerful and representative of the frostbitten landscapes that exemplify melodic black metal. 

Invoking The Abysmal Night is fascinating because of the bands ability to use a familiar palette to craft something compelling and exciting. While Aegrus certainly don't venture from traditional black metal tropes, if you're looking for something that nicely reflects tremolo picked, super kvlt black metal, then this is going to enchant you. Invoking The Abysmal Night has some terrific execution and songwriting, with musical climaxes that lean into the bands strengths. Synths pad out the arrangements and elegant melodic lines pull listeners in. The melodic black metal approach that shapes a lot of this record is triumphant and exciting, you can hardly pull yourself away. 

Aegrus have managed to invoke the abysmal night with this record and hint at layers of darkness many of their peers cower away from. There is so much to enchant and draw in listeners with Invoking The Abysmal Night and the bands deep understanding and capacity for crafting fascinating, uncompromising melodic black metal makes for addictive listening. Aegrus understand the darkness of this sound and execute with aplomb. Dive in to their nightmares and you will get a sense of the hate to come. It's only getting more ominous with time.

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