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Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Moth - Frost


I first saw The Moth back in maybe 2014, when I first started to discover the power of the metal underground. Their music had an immediately visceral quality, driven by a twin vocal approach, and massive bass lines that help to really ground the band in a sense of heaviness few of their peers could emulate. Their new album Frost is their first in 6 years and is an incredibly potent statement, largely influenced by singer Cecile Ash's battle with cancer. It's a logical progression on their past work and an addictive listen for anyone who was looking for a breath of fresh air in the heavy rock scene. 

The thing is, The Moth rock. They might not rock in the traditional sense of Led Zeppelin-esque glory, but their music is addictive and compelling. It's driving and powerful, with the thrumming bass providing a backbone to a sound that is shaped by straight ahead drum beats and a balance between heavy male vocals and ethereal female ones that can't help but to fascinate listeners. Frost is a wonderful album because of The Moth's ability to bring you into their world of red eyed demons and harsh city nights. The unending drive of the bass guitar helps to make this thing simply undeniable. As soon as you press play you're dragged in and taken on a wild ride until they close it out with the thunderous "Silent". 

Frost is a stoner doom album that even people who hate stoner doom are going to like. It takes so many of those heavy elements and turns them on their head creating music where the desert vibes and doomed utterances are certainly there, but the music remains driving, eerie and addictive. It may have been six years since the last album, but The Moth haven't missed a step. The songwriting has gotten tighter and Frost is a musical statement that proves the band has a lot more in the tank, and we all should be paying attention. 

Pre-order the album!

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