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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Ash Prison - Future Torn

Now this is a twisted one. Ash Prison are like a demented simulacrum of earlier industrial bands. They take the vision of Ministry or Skinny Puppy to blasphemous new places with brutal, uncompromising vocals and harsh, penetrating beats that leave listeners gasping for air. This is industrial music done with a taste for vengeance, a twisted vision that is guaranteed to get listeners engaged and entranced with the tormented visions of what Ash Prison is capable of and their twisted ideas of how to bring listeners to their knees. 

Future Torn is a masterful album. It's a record that leans into so many of the fascinating aspects of the industrial underground and which uses its own darkness and overarching sense of evil to lure listeners in deeper and deeper. There is something to be said for the dark visions that Ash Prison conjure up, the bleak sonic atmospheres that they portray throughout Future Torn are endlessly compelling and speak to a sound that seems to only get better with every passing listen. This is a twisted, wonderfully violent record and it's one that is going to keep you coming back, enchanted with the blasphemous, hard hitting sonics found within. 

Ash Prison are a fitting next step in the bizarre and obscure history of industrial heavy music. Their sound conjures up shadowy city streets and horrible gang violence. There is a very real ugliness to what they craft that helps to make the music endlessly fascinating. Their bleak vision and the imagery and use to draw us in are compelling, but also bizarrely powerful. This is industrial metal evil at its finest, certain to make sane people recoil, and to make us freaks of the underground take another step closer in morbid fascination. 

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