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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Reverence to Paroxysm - Lux Morte


The Mexico City death metal scene is something else. It seems like constantly they are churning out punishing new bands who are cripplingly heavy. Such is the nature of Reverence to Paroxysm, whose new album Lux Morte is an absolute crusher, a curb stompingly heavy record full of brutarian riffs, primitive stomps and dark visions of a sound that will leave you choked out and begging for air. Lux Morte is a devastating record and one that, while it doesn't reinvent the steel, certainly catches my attention as an excellent primitive death metal release. 

Disciples of the underground have known for a few years about Reverence to Paroxysm, who since their founding in 2020 have released a live album and a split. To hear their ideas splay out across a full album is delectable. The band finds a unique way to dance across a few different sonic highways, with slowed down doom riffing defining tracks like "Portals To Dark Misery", and other offerings delving deeper into more blasphemous, thrash metal or even black metal pastures. The overarching vision remains consistent though. This is old school bludgeon wielding death metal that has no tolerance for IQ points or artsy fartsy metal poetry. 

Lux Morte is here to rip your fucking throat out. Reverence To Paroxysm understand what it means to make dungeon dwelling riffs that scrape the bottom of your psyche. This album is just another iteration of that. If you're looking for death metal that feels ugly and which has none of the pretensions of the modern scene, then the knuckle dragging ministrations of Lux Morte are certainly for you. Reverence To Paroxysm have crafted something alienating and cripplingly heavy. It makes for compelling, twisted listening and will get fans coming back time and time again. 

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