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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium - Nahab


Very few bands get 15 albums deep into their careers. Even fewer get 15 albums deep while still creating some of the best music they've ever conjured up. And yet here we are with Blut Aus Nord whose new album Disharmonium - Nahab, the follow up to 2022's acclaimed Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses. This is an album that pushes Blut Aus Nord's sound ever further and proves once more just how talented and visionary these performers are. This is black metal done with the msot avant garde and intense of visions, carryning listeners through the Lovecraftian depths and into hopeless worlds made of dreams and torment. 

Disharmonium - Nahab excels because of the depths of the compositions. As soon as you dive into this album you are thrown into a hellish maelstrom of sound. You find yourself deep in imposing sound worlds, compositions that are terrifying in scope and epic in their vision. The world that Blut Aus Nord has created here is alien and freakish, very much in line with the previous album in this cycle and the bands discography as a whole. It's a fitting progression though on what's already been started and it's a delight to really feel yourself delving into the dark and trying to understand the apocalyptic urges that have come to shape this band so well. 

Blut Aus Nord are potent songwriters and Disharmonium - Nahb shows them perhaps at their nest. These are songs that are truly intense threnodies, certain to capture the imagination and forc you to gaze upon weird and unreal images that seem impossible and yet the alien sonics of Blut Aus Nord find a way to communicate these nightmares. This is black metal done with a despairing vision and unholy, unreal spectre behind them that will keep you returning to drink from the blasphemous chalice from whence it came. 

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