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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Efraah Ensikaah - One Thousand Vultures Waiting to Be Fed

There are album titles and there are album titles. One Thousand Vultures Waiting To Be Fed is most certainly the latter. This is an album that reflects on the despair and the terror found in the album title and goes even deeper, conjuring up layers of torment and horror to keep fans of the underground enchanted with the bleak sonic realities that Efraah Ensikaah deal with. An appropriately mysterious and shadowy project, their take on black metal is monochromatic and powerful, guaranteed to draw listeners in, awash in awe. 

One Thousand Vultures Waiting To Be Fed is perhaps best defined by its sense of melancholy. Featuring guest vocals by the legendary Meyhna'ch of Mutiilation, the album drags listeners into the abyss and forces them to confront some of the darker sides of this music. There is a really terrifying sense of our own humanity that permeates Efraah Ensikaah's music and it's hard to ever pull yourself away from the bleak visions and depressing soundscapes the band paints. It's exactly what helps to make Efraah Ensikaah such a special project and a band who have such a wonderful vision for precisely how they are going to draw you into Tartarus. 

Efraah Ensikaah are masters of the dark. Their music may be largely monochromatic, but its in this interplay of shadows that One Thousand Vultures Waiting To Be Fed really shines. The bleak visions they portray and the suffering of songs like "Cold Blood and Broken Teeth" is weirdly poetic. When the band does branch out, as they do on the closing track "Fed" one gets a sense for exactly how talented they are, and what more is to come from this mysterious project seemingly from the edge of the world. We all have become enamored with the dark - and Efraah Ensikaah seek to make it grimmer. 

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