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Monday, August 28, 2023

Wooden Throne - Eternal Wanderer of the Night Sky


Wooden Throne burst onto the atmospheric black metal scene in 2021 with their thrilling debut Under The Moon They Wander Until Fading Away. At first I, and many others feared that Wooden Throne might just be a one off pandemic project. Fortunately it was not so. The side project of October Falls mastermind Mikko Lehto, this second album Eternal Wanderer Of The Night Sky is a logical step forward for the project, with the same grand soundscapes and larger than life, doomed compositions as what Wooden Throne accomplished on their debut. 

Eternal Wanderer Of The Night Sky thrills with its sense of scope and vision. It's a record that transcends its peers through triumphant melodic guitar lines, stripped back sonic poetry and elegantly placed keyboard padding. The end result is a record that feels like a triumph, an album full of emotion and visions of forests, fjords and times forgot. Wooden Throne understand the gleaming power of the underground and the elegant poetry of atmospheric black metal done right. In many ways it is the perfect record to listen too as we look around and see the beginning of the end of summer and the dark beauty of fall slowly starting to arrive. 

Wooden Throne are a force to be reckoned with, a band who understand the elegant imagery of their music and who seem to consistently drive towards new heights. There is something wonderfully stately about what has been crafted here, between the soaring guitars, thudding bottom end and delicate nature of the compositions. Eternal Wanderer Of The Night Sky compels listeners to look up and take in the stars, to experience the beauty of all that has been lost, and to reflect upon what is to come. This is atmospheric black metal done to enthrall, and enthrall it does.

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