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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Color of Rain - Oceans Above


The Color of Rain is a really interesting and incredibly sonically diverse post black metal band. Their debut album Oceans Above thrills because of the vision that they bring to the table. On this album the band flawlessly brings in all sorts of intricate and thrilling ideas, coloring their unique take on post black metal with technical death metal and prog metal flourishes, making for an immersive and fascinating listening experience that seems to just keep giving. It makes for a wonderfully dynamic sound that is far removed from many of the bands peers.

There is an emotional depth to Oceans Above that has me enthralled. The record finds ways to elegantly engage with the beauty of post black metal whilst bringing in a lot of their own ideas and giving listeners a chance to fall in love with a new take on what has become a firmly established genre. What really has to be acknowledged though is The Color of Rain's proficiency as musicians. These are songs that are surprising, powerful and impressively technical. They reflect a sound that is deep in its vision and unendingly fascinating upon repeat listens. While the execution and songwriting isn't exactly where it needs to be yet, this is certainly one hell of a start.

Oceans Above is the kind of record that could just be an interesting detour, or it could shape a universe of bands in its wake. The deeper I immerse myself in what The Color of Rain have conjured up here the more clear it is that they are in a sonic maelstrom of their own. This is music that finds an intricate path between gorgeous synth laden progressions and technical guitar wizardry. The blend of influences is palpable and the end result very intriguing. In a world of twisted sonic nightmares, The Color of Rain balance dark and light. 

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