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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Fellahin Fall - Urbana


Fellahin Fall are a really interest goth doom project from New York City (Couldn't you tell from the EP art?) who have crafted a sound that is unafraid to wear its influences on their collective sleeve. Drawing from a deep love of bands like Woods of Ypres and Type O Negative, Fellahin Fall craft doom that is emotional and bombastic. Yet that's not all - their sound has heavy electronic and hip hop elements, using more industrial elements to put them in a league of their own. 

It's interesting to hear a band who are unafraid to incorporate hip hop elements in to their larger sound. This is most obvious on the bands cover of the Woods of Ypres classic "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (And Then To Coal)". It's a wholly expected, but completely unique cover from a band who have clearly spent a lot of time digesting the source material and finding their own unique take on it. Urbana is a powerful offering and one that makes me deeply curious to hear more from a band who have given goth doom a distinct voice. 

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