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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Horrifier - Horrid Resurrection


Bullet belt clad Norwegians crafting punishing death metal? Yes please. Horrid Resurrection is the latest from Horrifier, an old school death metal band who understand the fundamental glory and triumph of the genre. It's hard not to be thrilled with the vision they bring to the table on Horrid Resurrection and though this is certainly a style we've heard before, it's also one that doesn't get old. The band has a deep understanding of what makes death metal so addictive and they execute on it with aplomb again and again for the eight tracks that make up Horrid Resurrection

It's a lot of fun to really immerse yourself in a record like this, an album that leans into so uch of the gurgling gore and violence that has allowed Horrifier to attain these heights. Horrid Resurrection is the sound of gloriously skull crushing metal executed with a taste for blood. The band understands why people gravitate towards this music and they deliver, with slowed down, doomy riffs, high speed thrashers and tons of manic solos. The end result is exciting, fun and overall a release that is going to keep you head banging and stage diving. What more could a death metal maniac ask for?

So yeah - this album has its flaws. Some of the songs drag on a bit, and the tropes are well worn. However - if you're looking for something that will keep you obsessed with death then nothing is going to lure you in deeper than the inherent blasphemies that Horrifier lay out and slit throats with then the music on Horrid Resurrection.  It's death metal for maniacs, and if you're looking for more, then their excellent label, Personal Records might be the place to go. 

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