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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Suicide Circle - Bukakke of Souls


Suicide Circle is another project from the ever illustrious Meyhna'ch of Mutilation. It's a freakish and oftentimes creepy project, whose latest offering Bukkake Of Souls is bizarre, powerful and full of the same searing, devilish visions that have helped to make Meyhna'ch's various projects such a compelling force in the underground for so long. This is a record that leans into some of the weirdest and darkest sides of the genre without ever getting so artsy as to alienate core black metal fans. The result is an ominous, powerful and above all addictive record. 

Bukkake Of Souls is one of those albums that, as it unfolds before you, seems to only get better with each passing song. Suicide Circle elegantly paint images of a twisted hell that you can't tear yourself away from. The soundscapes here are utterly vicious, defined by blazing guitars and pained vocals. Suicide Circle understand exactly what it takes to lure listeners into their unique brand of darkness and letting yourself really fester within it is far too much fun. It makes for driving and compelling listening that could lure any of us into some of the bleaker sides of the human condition. It's what black metal was originally meant to be about after all. 

Suicide Circle understand the crippling power of the genre when executed at the highest possible level. Bukkake Of Souls acts as a fitting continuation of what the band shaped in their debut full length, but also what Meyhna'ch has been doing for decades now both with Mutilation as well as their solo work. Suicide Cirlce is the same sort of bleak, unforgiving stuff that I think you are going to find black metal devotees coming back too year in, year out. Suicide Circle will claw at your soul, letting yourself get immersed in that is a delight.

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