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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Helfro - Talgrof


High powered, devilish and sonically abusive, Helfro have quickly made a name for themselves in the Icelandic underground. Their new album Talgrof marks a fitting second chapter for the band, a release that drives people forward and consistently lures listeners ever deeper into the world of Helfro's unique take on blackened death metal. This is an album that comes at the genre with a surprisingly broad scope and the vision that they present throughout is clear and passionate. In a world where blackened death metal often seems to fall into the same tropes, Helfro have crafted something that is wholly their own, and wholly addictive. 

Talgrof shines because of the intensity of the compositions, but also the bands ability to bring together diverse sonic elements in a way that makes sense. The track "Þögnin Ytra, Kyrrðin Innra" nicely illustrates this, with a grinding intro acting as a counterpoint to the sweeping black metal found just a track prior. One thing that stood out quickly is the skill of the drummer, this dude can blast. To maintain this level of intensity is impressive and the colorful fills and unrelenting performance speaks to the vision that they brought to this thing. It's uncompromising and vicious. Similarly - the vocals are all growled, but remarkably diverse, making for a multilayered listening experience. 

This is an impressive record through and through. Talgrof showcases a band with a vision that is clearly their own and with a verve and passion that makes them distinct form the other acts in their scene. Helfro clearly  understand what it's going to take tohelp set them apart in this community and immersing yourself in the balance of bombast and beauty with the filth that they so eagerly exude is only going to make things more copelling, exciting and immaculate. 

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