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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Vanishing Kids - Miracle of Death

Miracle Of Death is the 6th album from the ever fascinating collective Vanishing Kids. It's a recotd that once more delves deep into the sonic potency of what these folks can create together and hints at bolder sonic futures fron which there is no turning back. The ethereal and magical atmosphere of Miracle of Death is exciting and powerful, it speaks to a sound that is wholly their own, but which slots in nicely with the catalog of both their discography and that of their producer, the always impressive Randall Dunn. It's a stunner. 

Vanishing Kids have previously been described as dream doom and this is honestly a pretty accurate epithet. The sounds are ethereal and powerful, full of an inherent darkness wihtout ever getting to heavy or intimidating. The end result is a record that hints at darker sonic worlds, but makes them all the more ominous by never really giving into them. The other element that really captures the imagination here is the sense of classic rock-esque sorcery. The sparkling guitar solo on "Demon Glove" for example helps to give the whole thing a decidedly retro vibe while also remaining interesting and rewarding for those who spend the time to really dig in. 

This record sits at the intersection of a few distinct ideas. The dreamy psychedelic moments counterbalanced with vintage rock grit and doomed vibes unite to give Vanishing Kids a voice that is wholly their own. Throw in a few prog licks for good measure and you're looking at a release that is unique, exciting and surprisingly powerful. Miracle of Death is a one of a kind force and a record that is going to keep luring you in. Get ready for this to turn heads when it drops in just a few days on October 13th. 

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