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Friday, October 13, 2023

Oerheks - Valkengebed


Valkengebed is the third demo from one of my favorite black metal acts going today, Oerheks. This is a band who are on their own plane of existence, endlessly impressive with gorgeous songwriting that transcends their demo quality recordings. They understand the emotional and artistic magic of black metal and every time I dig into their relatively limited discography I find another element to love. The monochromatic, frozen imagery that they lean into is addictive and transcendent, exactly what we all long for to get through the dark night. 

This band captures so much of what is fascinating and exciting about black metal. The use of synths to pad out the sound in the eeriest ways and the positively medieval vibes that help to shape so much of the music is endlessly rewarding. The stripped back production and creepy atmospheres help to lure listeners in and remind them of the beauty of this music. Oerheks understand what it takes to make Valengebed their best work yet and lean into so many of the unique, differentiating elements that have made them so thrilling for so long. The howling suffering and clear vision that is brought to the table is enchanting, what more could devotees of the underground long for? 

Oerheks are a cult favorite for a reason. As you let yourself sink into these long form songs it's hard not to imagine times forgot and worlds burnt down. Their sound is one that allows you to transcend, to look into our shared past and realize what is and never shall be. The once and future kings of black metal, I long for the day when more people start to get a sense of just how special this project is and what it could be as time goes on.

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