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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Strigoi - Bathed In A Black Sun


Now this is a crusher. Bathed In A Black Sun is the gut wrenching new EP from Strigoi, made up largely of outtakes of their second album Viscera. This record leans into the same grinding death doom that has helped to define the group and which has made them such an interesting extension on bands like Vallenfyre. The end result is an exciting, emotional and powerful offering that fans of the underground are going to find themselves head over heals with. Though it's a relatively short offering it's one that is going to leave you begging for more and digging back through the Strigoi discography, limited as it may be. 

Bathed In A Black Sun is a crusher any way you slice it. The band has a clear vision here and everything from the elegant execution of the clean vocals that occasionally come in to pad out the performances or the potent guitar tones shows that Strigoi are a band like few others. They have a desire and a capability to lure listeners into something larger than life and bombastic, unforgettable and just endlessly powerful. This is death doom as you may have never heard it before. You need its wickedness in your life. 

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