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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Litosth - Cesariana

Litosth are a fascinating melodic black metal band from Brazil, showcasing a huge depth of unique sounds and influences coming together to help make their third offering Cesariana such a compelling and unique offering. This is a record that is unafraid to lean back into older nineties influences and refine a sound that is wholly their own, but which feels wonderfully familiar, and a fitting reminder of why we love so much of this stuff in the first place. Cesariana is thrilling and dynamic, all we need to get lost in a project. 

I think what makes this record so engaging is the depth of production that they bring to the table. The songs are padded out with gorgeous synth playing and the melodic guitar lines nicely slot underneath surprisingly emotional growls. While some aspects of the sound feel a little dated, that is very much the intention of what's being sought after here, and the wonderfully dark visions that Litosth seek to communicate on Cesariana are certain to sweep you off your feet and leave you thrilled for more underground magic to come. There is a depth here that is awe inspiring, and as you gaze into it the more you realize you need to dive in. 

Cesariana is an emotive, powerful and deep offering. It's a record that speaks to the triumph of the Brazilian scene and one which nicely distills a huge variety of influences into something deeply enjoyable. It's hard not to turn yourself away from this record once you get going, and as the pumping keyboards and driving guitars wash over you, you just want to close your eyes and get washed away in a world of sound. Cesariana is a record that will speak to your soul as long as you are willing to step back and dive into the magic. 

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