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Friday, December 1, 2023

Eitrin - S/T


Now this is an interesting one! Eitrin is a collaboration between members of Blut Aus Nord, Mutterlein and Throane to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Debemur Morti Records, one of the best black metal labels going today. Their self titled debut is a thriller, a record that dances across a vast swathe of genres, from otherworldly black metal to noxious hardcore by way of dark ambient and post punk. The end result is a surprisingly coherent offering that is intense, emotional and certain to leave listeners in awe, begging for more. 

Perhaps the best way to describe what Eitrin has done here is 'apocalyptic'. It's a record that leans into so many hellish and strange elements, a record that understands the talents of each individual member and highlights them so that we can really get lost in the nightmarish soundworld they present to us. This is a record that seems intent on just keeping on giving, letting listeners get ever deeper into the chaotic soundworld they have created and forcing us to choke on the bitter pill of underground darkness that Eitrin understand so profoundly. This is black metal done with an incredible level of talent behind it and a broad, thrilling set of influences. 

Eitrin is a mesmerizing record. An album that, at best, reeks of putrefaction and drives towards ever bolder, weirder and more terrifying sonic depths. It's an album that you put on and let wash over you, there's no compensating for the darkness that defines Eitrin, but instead simply more layers of chaos that will let you get lost in their murk and fall in love with their subtle blasphemies time and time again. If you're looking for a record that might very well define Debemur Morti this is it, a must for any fan of the underground.

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