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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Aphelium Aeternum - Dark Interstellar Mysteries


This is one of my favorite things I've uncovered all year. Aphelium Aeternum are a thrilling symphonic black metal project from Bavaria. Their new album Dark Interstellar Mysteries is vast in scope, eerie and powerful, an album that seems to consistently drive them to new heights and hint at the burning power that black metal continues to have in 2023. As we gaze into the void of winter, it's anthems like these, fueled by darkness and inspiring listeners to delve ever deeper into the darkness that are going to keep us going through the cold night. 

There is a strange and poetic transcendence to what Aphelium Aeternum have crafted on Dark Interstellar Mysteries. It's a black metal nerds black metal record, a record that continually pushes listeners to think of dark forgotten times. The distinctly medieval aspect of the music paired with the scope of the production allows this record to feel profoundly old and inspiring. These songs are vast and unveil seemingly endless snow covered forested landscapes. There is a sense of the sublime that Aphelium Aeternum are able to tap into in their finest moments that helps to make this a wonderfully compelling offering and one I know I'll be drawn back too time and time again. 

Dark Interstellar Mysteries is a veritable masterclass in what symphonic black metal should be. It has an ancient majesty to it that makes it fascinating, but also presents a sound that seems to keep giving, to drive further and push listeners ever deeper into the mists of the past. Aphelium Aeternum have managed to tap into the same vibe you feel as a kid reading a truly great fantasy novel, or staring into the woods in the middle of a blizzard. It feels larger than life, magical and all encompassing, and it's something I will come back too time and time again. 

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