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Monday, December 4, 2023

Avskräde - Undergång


Avskrade are a black metal traditionalists black metal band. Their new album Undergang is black metal stripped to the core with fiery hot riffs reflecting icy soundscapes, monochromatic and death defying. While the band isn't seeking to enter new sonic hideaways here, what they are doing is crafting some truly excellent, stripped back and mesmerizing black metal that can't help but to leave you thrilled, terrified and charmed once more with the eternal power of Scandinavian black metal. This is why we all got into this after all.

There is something wonderfully visceral to Undergang and the way that the band is able to deploy it to mesmerize listeners and bring them into their relatively limited, but weirdly transcendent sound world. Undergang is the sound of chaotic and terrifying black metal crashing down around your ears, not worried about big production or larger than life concepts, instead it's about Norse dudes cracking your skull under a storm of tremolo picked guitars and blast beats. Is it groundbreaking stuff? Not at all, but Avskrade find a way to deploy their distinctly punky take on old school black metal with aplomb time and time again on this album. 

Undergang is a record that encourages revisiting. It's a record that hints at bolder, twisted futures and which continually thrills listeners with its dedication to a purer form of the sound. This is black metal done in a way that will keep you enamored with the genre and digging ever deeper into its roots. There's something wonderfully rewarding to a record like this that strips back so many of the elements of the genre to their rotten core. Undergang is a very fun and weirdly entrancing listen, black metal purists will fall in love. 

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