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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bergrizen - Die Falle

Die Falle is a wonderfully intense offering from the Ukrainian black metal band Bergrizen who make the interesting choice to sing in German. That all being said - this new album is a compelling, immediately gripping black metal offering, an album that consistently drives towards deeper depths and speaks to the enduring power that black metal can have when done right. There is something poetic and fascinating about the music performed on this record and the breadth of vision that Bergrizen bring to the table makes for some of the best work of their 15 year career. 

Bergrizen thrill me because of the intensity of their performances. The songs on Die Falle are next level offerings that hint at the bands roots in dark folk and their capacity as next level songcrafters. While the core elements of the music are pretty tried and true black metal, it's in the bands execution on these classic ideas, with their absolutely vomit spitting vocals and mesmerizing atmospheres they conjure up that have me excited to delve deeper into what Bergrizen are bringing to the table for all of us on Die Falle. It's deeply engaging and twisted black metal that gets to the heart of the human experience, time and time again. 

Their are few experiences in the 21st century as intense as living in a country under invasion. That intensity, that suffering and that sense of fear communicates itself throhugout Die Falle with its pained performances and monochromatic hellscapes. This is the sound of a band operating on the fringes of what they are capable of and still attempting to find paths forward. There is a triumph to Die Falle that is undeniable and speaks to how far they have come and all they have fought through. Joining them on this journey is an honor.

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