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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Demoncy - Diabolica Blasphemiae

Demoncy are perhaps the longest running US black metal band. Their music is unrelenting, monochromatic and deliciously evil. Now, almost thirty five years into their career they're unleashing Diabolica Blasphemiae the companion to their recently released (And excellent) Black Star Gnosis. Together these two records represent the first new material from Demoncy in nearly a decade. Fortunately it seems that the wait for these blasphemous odes was well worth it for everyone involved in the damn thing. 

It's wonderful immersing yourself into something that is so decidedly uncompromising. Diabolica Blasphemiae isn't a record for the faint of heart and it's not a release that makes compromises. Instead it's a mini album that eagely leans into some of the densest and most impenetrable parts of the genre, a set of recordings that refuses to bend the knee and which insist on only getting weirder with time. This is exactly the sort of nightmarish hellstorm that entranced so many of us with the genre in the first place and which has me so thrilled to be consistently coming back to what Demoncy have cultivated, even after their years away. 

If you too long for black metal that is orthodox, pure and unadulterated then this is an album that you need to let yourself get lost in. The band stands tall by so many of the classic, undeniable elements of the genre and their willingness to drown listeners under a storm of tremolo picked guitars and unrelenting blast beats makes for immensely compelling, always thrilling listening. This is black metal done right, and Demoncy know it. 

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