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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Krvna - The Rhythmus Of Death Eternal


The Australian black metal scene has conjured up quite a few interesting bands in recent years, but one of the most wonderfully wicked additions to the pantheon of late has been Krvna. Their second full length, The Rhythmus Of Death Eternal is an absolute crusher, a record that leans into so many of the classic elements of underground black metal and then ends things with both Abigor and Bathory covers. How much more compelling can you get? This is the ultimate tribute to all that makes black metal exciting, compelling and endlessly rewarding. 

What makes Krvna so mesmerizing is their sense of melody. The compositions they bring to the table are soaring, transcendent and exciting. It's hard not to get lost in the towering composition of a track like "A God's Work". Toss in a few incredibly tasteful guitar solos and you get the sense that Krvna are more than the sum of their parts, a black metal band to end black metal bands, and one who you'll find yourself coming back too time and time again. Krvna are above all else masterful songwriters, and their ability to interweave furious black metal tropes into something greater makes for some delightfully driving, unrelentingly heavy music. 

The Rhythmus Of Death Eternal is a truly exciting work, the sort of offering that gets fans excited to come back for more and has, me at least, eager to dip back into the crush of their previous discography. As for now, Krvna is an extremely early contender for a black metal album of the year in 2024. It's something to look forward too as yo ustare out into the cold grey winter, knowing that these Australians have found a way to make black metal their own and unveil new layers of pain and sorcery, encouraging you to step with them into the weird and otherworldly voids of sound they have mastered. 

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