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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Dripping Decay - Ripping Remains


It's been a good couple of years for death metal. Tons of sick bands seem to be bursting onto our radar every week. Such is the case with Portland's brand new hellcats Dripping Decay. Their debut EP Ripping Remains is barely a quarter of an hour long, but it's a rager full of sick, old school death metal riffs and bizarrely charming gutturals. This is death metal done right, with a lust for blood and the desire to crack skulls. 

There is something wonderfully sickening about Dripping Decay's compositions here. They clearly understand what makes death metal so compelling in the first place. This is an underground death metal album for underground death metal nerds, hell, they even include a Halloween cover! Dripping Decay understand what it means to unveil gurgling gore, and if you're as obsessed with this stuff as I am you're going to fall in love. 

Pre-order the album!

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