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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Iterum Nata - From the Infinite Light


From The Infinite Light is a stunner. Any way you slice it. Multiple times listening to this larger than life, meditative masterwork I found myself saying, "This is a great album, holy shit." Again and again, Iterum Nata deliver with a sound that borrows from black metal and doom as much as it does from prog rock and neo-folk. The end result is a mesmerizing, enchanting record that delves deep into some of the most wonderfully magical sides of the genre and continually reminds us just how transcendent this music can be in its finest moments. 

Iterum Nata have accomplished something massive here simple because of how huge the record sounds. As you wander through the seemingly endless soundscapes of From The Inifnite Light you get a sense for just how powerful this work is and the larger vision that Iterum Nata are bringing to the table. As you delve through the massive chants of a track like "Something Truly Almighty" you start to get a sense for just how transcendent, poetic and masterful the bands work is. It's a record that really encourages listeners to delve into its depths and search for meaning within the gorgeous thoughtful layers of sound that decorate it. 

This is a powerful record, but it feels like it's only hinting at what's to come. While Iterum Nata certainly soar to bold heights, I get the sense that something even larger, almost Agallochian could be coming down the pipeline from this project. As it stands, From The Inifnite Light is an elegantly genre blending record that is going to have me at least coming back time and time again to drink from its deliciously varied and intricate well of sounds and guide me towards strange new earths from which there is no escape. 

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