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Friday, December 8, 2023

Throat - Blood Exaltation

There's few bands whose sound I would describe as truly vulgar. Bands who are able to take the promise of bands like Swans and turn it into something that is wholly weird and wholly their own. But Throat are one such band. They are Polish black metal act who have one of the most wonderfully vile sounds that I have heard in a good while and it is utterly entrancing to find yourself lost in the pale misery of their compositions and the otherworldly darkness that helps to shape so much of what they do and who they are. 

Blood Exaltation is black metal done with a sort of looming eldritch horror behind it. There is a larger than life sentiment one gets from the booming, cavernous drums, the creepy synths and the truly tortured vocals. The band finds a perfect balance between dungeon level production and creating something that feels like distinctly great art. The stripped back production actually becomes an instrument to itself, giving the music a basement show vibe that reeks of putrefaction. Throat are building on the blasphemies of their musical ancestors and leaving us with a vomitrocious legacy, a twisted record that sounds like the last thing you hear before you die. 

Throat are a one of a kind force, a terrifying group who seem to come careening out of the sky to crack skulls and force listeners to gasp in awe at the darkness that they unveil. This is black metal done with a sense of pure misery, undeniable heaviness and an ability to suffocate all listeners and doubters of the faith. Blood Exaltation is the pinnacle of all that is vile and glorious about black metal. It's a record that delves into the most twisted visions and forces us to come to terms with our own mortality. What's not to love?

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