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Sunday, December 17, 2023

kariti - Dheghom

Haunting and ethereal, kariti have left me in awe as I discovered them for the first time this Sunday morning. Their new album Dheghom is the same sort of otherworldly and magical creation that defines the work of artists like Hexvessel or Steve Von Till. With lush piano heavy arrangements and an elegant sense of sonic poetry, kariti are the sort of act to entrance you and pull you into exotic new pastures. This is art music done right, dedicated to capturing the imagination and allowing you to experience deeper, and sadder emotions.

There is something incredibly entrancing about the vocal performances on this record. I was surprised to see Nico listed as a key influence on the work, but as I dig in it makes more sense. There is an understanding here of celebrating femininity but also of the magic of the earth, or at least something that feels older than our world of iPhones and doomscrolling. If you close your eyes and let yourself sink int o this record it's easy to be transported to another time, and to see these gorgeous sonic landscapes unfold in front of you. Dheghom is an immaculate headphone listen, a record that you put on and let sweep you away as you gaze into the fire. 

kariti have found inspiring ways to direct their sound and guide listeners into the abyss of emotion. Dheghom is a record that those who are searching for elegant and transcendent music will find solace in. These are songs that ebb and flow, never driving forward but instead encouraging listeners to rest and find solace in the sounds that they represent. With the vocals accompanied largely by keyboards and synths, it's not hard to find yourself feeling a sense of calm as you navigate the sonic highways of Dheghom. This is a beautiful record and one that will bring you comfort. 

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