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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Necrotum - Defleshed Exhumation


Necrotum have emerged from the depths of Romania playing pestilent and devilish old school death metal. Their music has a very real underground magic stemming not just from the early ninties derived riffs but also the wonderfully stripped down production .For those not used to more lo fi death metal this might pose a challenge, but for devotees of the underground this will be par for the course and something that only ads flavor to what Necrotum are doing. 

In terms of execution Necrotum are flawless. Clearly devoted to brutal nineties acts, their sound is punishing and full of beatdown riff after beatdown riff. If you were looking for a metal album that would smash you over the head this is the one. There is a clear passion here for early Cannibal Corpse and Incantation among others and it makes for skull meltingly good listening. More than that though - Necrotum are clearly just talented songwriters with shreddy performances allowing for thrilling tracks like "Psychotic Apparitions".

If you're looking for something crushing, heavy and just a little bit diabolical then Necrotum is for you. They understand the fundamental power of death metal as well as any of their peers and drinking from their font of blasphemy is a delight. This is what death metal was always meant to be about and Necrotum lean into it. Despite the lo fi production and limitations coming from a poorer country they've found a way to prove that the gift of death metal smiles upon all

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