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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Perishing - Lutum


Now this is a fuckin' evil one. Perishing's new demo Lutum is four tracks of pulverizing death doom that gives a man a lot to think about. There are some very real and wonderfully tortured ideas driving Lutum forward that make it a fantastically compelling and twisted offering. The thing that really strikes me though is the guitar tone which is utterly bottom scraping and terrifying. This is death doom done right, there is no tolerance for first timers, no shelter for those trying to just get into the genre, it's just punishing, unrelenting riffage. 

Lutum reflect a band borne of the underground whose endless ministrations can't help but to leave you gasping for air. Perishing understand the crippling power of this genre and every song is like a crowbar to the face. Can they tighten up the songwriting and production? Sure, it's a demo - but it does suggest to me that a lot more wickedness could be coming down the line very soon to choke us all out. Lutum is uncompromising and punishing basement dwelling death doom. If that sounds like your thing - then start your new year right. 

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