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Friday, January 5, 2024

Cancer Christ - God Is Violence

This is a fucking rager. I mean - how can you not love a record called God Is Violence featuring an image of Christ committing suicide, and songs like "Satan Is A Bitch" and "Jesus Got A Big Ol' Cock". The bands latest record is a remarkably fun, fucked up and interesting record. It's blasting, unrelenting deathgrind that feels almost cinematic in scale, a rarity for this genre. But Cancer Christ have always been on some different shit and God Is Violence sees them really distilling everything they have done over the past few years into something crazy. 

God Is Violence is interesting too because there are very few actual songs on the record. Instead you get more smaller song ideas that flow into each other in a way that feels like almost some sort of fucked up musical splaying out in front of you. There are huge choruses and deeply enjoyable riffs, but Cancer Christ have taken a different approach to songwriting. There is something wonderfully engaging about this approach though. It makes for a record that is deeply engaging, bloodthirsty and which has you going back to listen in full rather than ever really trying to pick out individual tracks. Cancer Christ understand the magic of what they've been trying to cultivate for tears and God Is Violence is some different shit. 

It's hard to deny the twisted, cop hating magic of Cancer Christ. The main takeaway I have when listening to God Is Violence is simply that this must be a hell of a live band. Cancer Christ understand the wonderfully fun and gore obsessed nature of metal at its finest. Letting yourself get immersed in these dark layers and experiencing the twisted visions of a Church of Cancer Christ is far too much fun. This band is on a different layer, cutting extreme music back to its core and blessing it with a blasphemous narrative. What more you could you want?

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