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Monday, February 12, 2024

Agonista - Grey And Dry

There is something to be said about a hardcore LP that's so concisely written that you accidentally listen to it twice. Such is the magic of Agonista's debut full length Grey And Dry. This is a record of crusty hardcore featuring current and ex-members of Bumbklaat, DFMK, Run For Your Fucking Life, Spanakorzo, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Swing Kids, and many others. The record is entirely unsurprising if you know the discographies of those bands, but that really just means that Grey And Dry fucking rules and is way too much fun to listen too. 

From blazing speed breaks to the two step part on "Wrecked Inside" Grey And Dry is the sound of a band who have a deep passion for the music and who inherently understand its true nature. Agonista lean hard into the magic of the genre, touching on everything from the challenging intellectualisms of Neurosis by way of the crusty ministrations of Amebix and the danceable joy of Social Distortion. There is a lot to sink your teeth into here and Agonista nicely highlight a broad range of flavors in a way that sets them distinctly apart from the pack. Grey And Dry is the sound of hardcore done right, with a broad vision but a clear one. 

Grey And Dry is a truly potent record. With its bilingual lyrics, range of influences and the tightness of the songwriting it's a record that I think devotees are going to find themselves coming back too time and time again. With only one of its 11 songs spilling over the three minute mark it's also an album that is going to capture your attention and keep it. Agonista get in, smash you over the head and then get back out on Grey And Dry. It makes for compelling and exciting listening that demands multiple listens just to fully appreciate. 

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