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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Midnight - Hellish Expectations


For those in the know Midnight has become one of the most exciting, potent and promising bands in the world of underground metal over the last 15 years or so. Their new album Hellish Expectations is the ultimate reflection of the growth this band has had in that time and a thrilling next step for the band who seem to be single handedly keeping blackened thrash metal alive in America today. Having survived the long winter where USBM was completely by the wayside, as the genre seems to be raising its head again, Midnight are at the forefront. 

Hellish Expectations leans into many of the wonderfully over the top tropes that have made Midnight so exciting in the first place. Tracks like "Doom Death Desire" with the immediately memorable lyric "Doom, death, desire, desire for doom!" encapsulate this. Meanwhile, the single "FOAL" which of course stands for "Fuck Off And Live" acts as the perfect end cap to ten tracks of blistering speed metal. Midnight are a helluva lot of fun and this record seems to be just another driving force in exactly what makes them such an exciting, enduring force in the underground. Yes the music is taken seriously but it's just tongue in cheek enough to keep you coming back. 

Midnight have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a kickass black n' roll record in 2024. Hellish Expectations is a really, really fun offering and an album that I think will keep people coming back time and time again. Few bands truly understand their oeuvre on a fundamental level the way that Midnight do, and that's exactly what makes their art so compelling. Prepare to dive in and find yourself screaming along within the space of just a song. Midnight have perfected what makes them so great and I love it.

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