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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Brat - Social Grace


Few bands have made as big a splash on the American scene in the past 18 months as Brat. Seemingly right out of the pandemic the band hit the road like mad, playing shows all over the place and impressing listeners with intense performances and a bimboviolence aesthetic that's generated more than their fair share of controversy. Their debut full length, Social Grace captures that selfsame intensity and is sure to have fans thrilled for the next chapter of violence to come from these devotees of a new brand of American metal. 

Social Grace shines because of the unrelenting nature of the songwriting and the manic energy behind the music. Sonically the band is playing the same blend of death metal and hardcore tat helped to define their debut EP, it's potent stuff filled with punchy, angular riffs, brutal vocals and two step worthy breakdowns. Brat have taken some of the elments that helped to define their core sound and refining them into something all the more intense and delectable. While Liz Selfish is certainly the frontperson, having backing vocals on tracks like "Snifter" provides a strong interplay, one of the musical highlights of the album. 

Brat are a band on a mission and their approach has been unrelentingly addictive. They had a big challenge ahead of them when recording this record, to craft something that matches their already quasi-legendary reputation as a live act. Fortunately it seems that they have found a way to distill that energy down into something potent, refreshing and endlessly exciting. Social Grace is the sort of explosion of energy that helps to make this music so driving in the first place. Immersing yourself in the madness is a delight. 

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