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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Hadit - Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon


Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon is an impressive new death metal offering from Italian death metal masters Hadit. Now on their second full length the band has found a way to take their twisted brand of death metal to even further sonic horizons. There is something undeniable about the obscure, dense and potent songwriting of Hadit. This is a record that will alienate all but the most devoted, but for those of us who love gnarled, unusual and always surprising death metal, Hadit is a record that stands apart and which consistently hints at how much more this band could be. 

The density of these compositions is impressive and strangely addictive. Tracks like "Interstellar Mediums Rhapsody" brook no room for posers and revel in the intensity of the composition and the intricacy of the composition. These are works that challenge the listener and guide them towards ever darker sonic pastures. It's hard not to be enamored with the vision they present and the unique soundworlds they've crafted that will bring listeners back in time and time again. Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon shines because of its darkness. These songs are enshrouded in dense, unforgivably complex riffs and that's exactly what makes them so fascinating. To listen to this record is to stare into the void and have it stare back at you. 

Hadit have found a path that is wholly their own and their willingness to craft unforgiving, strange and otherworldly death metal is certain to entrance those of us who find this genre best when it's at it's most off kilter. In many ways this is the typical I, Voidhanger Records release, it's challenging, off balance and guaranteed to leave listeners in awe of what more is to come. The sonic opportunities for Hadit after Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon are wide open and I'm so curious to see how they pursue them! 

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