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Friday, February 9, 2024

Ecclesia - Ecclesia Militans


Now this is an interesting one. It's extremely rare that a band comes across my radar who list Tony Martin era Black Sabbath as a core influence, but here we are. Ecclesia have been making waves in the world of trad doom for a few years now with their distinctive brand of bombastic and charismatic doom meets classic metal. The music isn't so much worried about being slow as much as it is focused on creating stunning vibes reminiscent of acts like Candlemass. There is something larger than life and endlessly thrilling about this work, and I can't tear myself away. 

Ecclesia Militans thrills because of how dynamic and deeply engaging the songwriting is. These are songs that are written to transcend and to capture the imagination. It's hard not to be thrilled with the magic of these classic witchfinding riffs and the bands distinct obsession with the 80s trad doom titans of yore. The end result is a record that is addictive, endlessly endearing and constantly hinting at bold new futures. This is doom metal done right, with a clear vision and an overarching vibe that is simply undeniable. Of particular note is the guitar playing. Flashy solos on tracks like "Ereptor Verae Fidei" are absolutely mindwarping and a throwback to an earlier time. 

This band could so easily have been just another Ghost clone, but instead Ecclesia work on being something more, something greater. Their sound and aesthetic is immaculate. The vision behind the work is delightfully executed and it's impossible not to be thrilled with the earnestness of the music. Ecclesia Miltans is doom metal for the true devotee, for those who have dug deep into the world of Candlemass and Solstice and come out of it desperately searching for more. Such is the enduring power of doom, such is the power of Ecclesia.

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