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Monday, February 5, 2024

Je Est Un Autre - Flatworm Mysticism


Je Est Un Autre (Translates to "I Is Another") is the new dark ambient project fro Bell Witch mastermind Dylan Desmond. His debut album with the project Flatworm Mysticism is a stunner, five long form tracks full of wonderfully dark vibes and bleak atmospheres guaranteed to drag you deeper into a realm of unyielding, unfailing darkness. There is something mysterious and powerful about what's been done here and the sublime, elegant poetry of these compositions is reflected in their simplicity. Yet within that simplicity Desmond is able to craft truly epic soundscapes that spread out larger than life and carry listeners to strange new sonic highways. 

Flatworm Mysticism is a record that feels wonderfully esoteric. For fans of Bell Witch this will be familiar ground, but rather than exploring these strange ambiances on bass, Desmond uses a synth as his tool for unveiling strange otherworlds. There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about this record, like staring too long into a mirror and seeing your pupils expand. It's a record that encourages self reflection, and the deeper you look in, the more clear it becomes just how unique the vision behind what Je Est Un Autre is all about. 

This is a potent album, and a perfect surprise for Bell Witch devotees looking for more music that explores a similar range of emotions. It's stripped back and surprisingly emotional stuff that demands multiple listens. Je Est Un Autre is dark ambient for the soul, a soundtrack to cold winter days spent staring out into monochromatic wastes, wondering if there will ever be spring again. I can see myself becoming far too obsessed with this and I think that many other Bell Witch devotees might soon find themselves in the same boat.

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