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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Volcandra - The Way Of Ancients


Now this is an interesting one. Volcandra first hit my radar back in 2020 with the release of their album, Into The Azure I remember being impressed with their take on melodic black metal and the broad vision they brought to the table. Now four years later the band is back with The Way Of Ancients another potent meloblack offering that draws heavily from fantasy themes in order to craft a sonic world that is thrilling, in depth and endlessly engaging. It's melodic black metal done with aplomb, and while there's still growing pains, it is impressively done stuff. 

The thing to understand about The Way Of Ancients is that it is a very ambitious release, and Volcandra are only just starting to grow into their ambition. It is an exciting offering to be sure, but also one that shows hard the band is working to expand. While in some cases this works out really well, with the thrashy riffs and flashy playing for example, in others it doesn't work out quite so well, as we see with the guttural vocals. The end result though is a record that shows Volcandra making significant steps forward as musicians and showcasing capacities that will carry them forward well as they grow as a band year after year. 

For those keeping their finger to the pulse of the rising US black metal scene, Volcandra are another fitting addition to the pantheon. The Way Of Ancients is an exciting project and one that will continually draw in new fans, speaking to a darker, twisted world that so many of us fell in love with in the first place. Volcandra understand the bleak magic of black metal and their willingness to elegantly bring in other genres speaks to just how good they are. It's hard not to be charmed, even enamored with what the band has done here, so pre order this record before it drops!

Pre-order the album!

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