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Friday, February 2, 2024

Necrowretch - Swords of Dajjal


 It's been four long years since we've had an album from the wonderfully intense blackened death metal masters Necrowretch, but the kings are back. This latest offering is an absolutely vicious masterpiece and a monolith to the depravity that Necrowretch so eagerly spil out into the world. This is blackened death metal done right, with an intensity and vision that makes ith ard to look away. Swords of Dajjal is an ambitious work from the band, going beyond the high speed intensity of past records to create something more grandiose and wonderfully punishing. 

It's a pleasure to really sink your teeth into the blasphemies found throughout Sword of Dajjal. This is a record that seems to consistently go above and beyond what the bands peers can offer, showing a greater dynamic range than a lot of Necrowretch's past work and hinting at bold new places where the band can go. It's hard for a group to make steps forward like this five albums in, but the indicators have been there the whole time. And, for what it's worth, large portions of this album are still just decidedly Necrowretch doing what they do best, unhinged blackened death metal warfare on the senses. It's just now they have better production and more grandiose songwriting. 

Necrowretch have established a reputation over the last fifteen years a s a cult favorite, a band borne of the underground for the underground. Swords Of Dajjal is the latest excellent admission into their chronology and it's an album that I think fans of all things underground are going to consistently come back too and find themselves thrilled with. It's extreme, it's ambitious and it's a rip roaring step forward for a band with a unique and thrilling vision that seems to only get better and more compelling with every passing year.

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