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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Obsidian Sun - Burning Obsidian Sun


This is a scorcher. Obsidian Sun are a rising black metal force emerging from the crypt that is Edged Circle Productions, one of my favorite black metal labels today. There is something deeply engaging about their unique brand of black metal, and this brand new 4 track EP is a scorcher. It's black metal done right, with ambition and a clear sense of what makes the genre so great in the first place. Burning Obsidian Sun is a potent offering and one that I think consistently drives towards new heights. While the record has no real surprises, the bands take on melodic black metal is excellent and executed with aplomb. Across just four tracks Obsidian Sun are able to quickly establish exactly who they are and what to expect from the band. One can only hope that there is more to come!

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