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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Wristmeetrazor - Degeneration


Wristmeetrazor are an interesting band. They're remarkable unashamed of wearing their influences on their collective sleeve, but the execution on their work is really impressive and it makes for some truly compelling stuff. The vision behind their new album Degeneration is potent to say the least. The band has managed to augment their brand of metalcore into something all the more impressive, intensely personal, driving and addictive. This is metalcore done right, elegantly fusing influences both old and new into something greater than the sum of its parts. 

The thing that really resonates with me throughout listening to this record is just how good the songwriting is. Wristmeetrazor spent a long time recording this album and it feels like this release sees the band pushing their sound to bold new heights with all sorts of intricate layers on the production and refreshing execution on the guitars. The band has found a sound that is massive, distinctive and wonderfully exciting. Their ability to blend in touches of nu metal with the overarching vision is especially tastefully done on this record. The depth of the performances is refreshing and it makes me curious to indulge in the bands back catalog. 

Degeneration is exactly the step that Wristmeetrazor needed to take to reach the next level of their music careers. Between the surprisingly massive pop hooks to the driving metal guitars and multitiered production Wristmeetrazor consistently find ways to craft something refreshing and exciting. They have a unique and potent vision that has had this record on repeat for me all morning. I'm curious to see it continue to evolve and I'm certain the live execution will be thrilling. Grab a copy of this rager before it drops end of March! 

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