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Monday, March 25, 2024

Desolus - System Shock


This one FUCKING shreds. Desolus are a thrash metal band like few others, pulling deep influence from the likes of Sodom and Kreator. Their unapologetic thrash metal sound is fierce, raw and a little bit terrifying. There is something wonderfully addictive to the balls out assault that they deliver on System Shock. This is thrash metal done with a deep understanding of the German scene, where intensity is the prirority and it's impossible not to be enamored with the crippling assault that Desolut bring forward across all ten tracks of this album.

And of course - this thing is coming out on Hells Headbangers, the perfect home for unrelenting thrashing mayhem. System Shock is a skullcrusher. They come for the throat and keep us from breathing time and time again. There are very few bands I see in the US scene emerging that have such a deep understanding of the genre and go for it in a way that is so cripplingly heavy. System Shock thrills because of the blasting ferocity of the album, it's over the top, and Desolus know it. This isn't supposed to be thrash metal for VH1 fans, this is thrash metal for people obsessed with the underground, constantly looking for that next stage dive inducing terrorstorm. 

System Shock is an unrelenting delight, a record that leans into the tropes of the genre but does so with aplomb. And when the tropes rule - don't you just want more of them? Desolus get it, simple as that. System Shock is the sound of them unleashing their finely honed craft at a million miles an hour and for those of us who have found solace in the angular riffs and flashy solos that define this sound then System Shock is going to be a welcome addition to the canon. One can only hope this is just the beginning for one of the assault. 

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