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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Duindwaler - In het Heemskerks duin


The Dutch black metal scene has been churning out interesting records in recent years. Duindwaler is one of the many projects that color the unique Dutch black metal landscape and their new album In het Hemskerks duin is a masterful offering. This is black metal done wit ha vision for a stripped back, twisted sound, an approach that serves them well as they unveil monochromatic and punishing soundscapes that lure you deep into the most wonderfully dark layers of the bands sound. Duindwaler understand the fundamental power of black metal and their path forward leans into this misery. 
There is a chilling sense of anguish that defines a lot of what Duindwaler do on this record. In het Heemskerks duin works because of the raw sense of suffering that bleeds through the music .This is black metal done with a vision to claw at the darkest reaches of our collective sanity. It's hard not to be charmed by the visions they bring to life here with tremolo picked guitars and surprisingly agile basslines sitting underneath some wonderfully vicious, unforgiving vocals.  Duindwaler also inject their music with a fitting sense of bombast, with tracks like "Het duister bestormd" crashing down upon listeners and forcing them to come to terms with the thunderstorm of sounds that Duindwaler control with such aplomb. 

In het Heemskerks duin is a hellishly delightful first full length from this one man black metal project. It's a record that gets wonderfully personal and which understands what iti s to suffocate under a storm of self consciousness. The undeniable and burning fires that fuel Duindwaler are relentlessly compelling and letting yourself get lost in these miserable ministrations is certain to keep listeners in awe and coming back for more.

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