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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Bismarck - Vourukasha


Now this one is a stunner. Vourukasha is the third full length from doom metal masters Bismarck. Those familiar with the Bergen scene have known for a while now that Bismarck are onto something special, with their mix of post metal, sludge and doom eagerly embracing a range of other influences in order to craft something potent. This new album though feels like another step up for the band. Vourukasha is the sound of a band driving to new heights, pulling their influences together and doing something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Bismarck shine on this album because it feels like many of the elements that long lingered under the surface of the band have now been fully realized. The riffs have reached a new breadth, and the exotic touches, like elements of Middle Eastern music are given a little more space to breathe. Meanwhile the ambient passages, as on the epic album closer, "Ocean Dweller" feel more articulate than ever before. It's encouraging to see the band able to bring these visions to fruition and guide listeners ever further on their unique quest. This is an album though that allows the band to showcase a dynamic that is starting to reach dizzy new heights. 

Vourukasha is impressive, but it feels like it is only the beginning of the road for Bismarck. This album sees them honing their craft to a fresh polish, but I get the sense that there is a lot more to dig into coming from the band. The wealth of styles they are able to bring together and the Neurosis-esque vision that helps to fuel a lot of their work is mesmerizing. Bismarck are a doom metal fans doom metal band, understanding perfectly the artistry of the genre and what it can be at its highest points. Indulge in the madness and find yourself dragged to hell.

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