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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Lifvsleda - Evangelii härold


Now this is a scorcher. Lifvsleda is an excellent project on the ever wonderful Noevdia label. Their new album Evangelii harold is blazing Swedish black metal. With dense soundscapes, wonderful layers of reverb and unrelenting, blasting drums, Evangelii harold is the sound of a band really coming into their own. There is something undeniable and exciting about what Lifsvleda have conjured up here and the twisted visions that guide forward the morass of darkness on Evangelii harold are spectacular and fascinating to behold. 

Lifvsleda prove they are masters of atmosphere on this album. Tracks like "Tramalningen" are deeply enchanting and create apocalyptic, otherworldly atmospheres that can't help but to thrill. The burning fire behind these songs is chilling. The vocals too are of particular note. They feel torn out of the singer through gnashed teeth. The sense of pain that they communicate throughout the album is impressive, as if the torment of a hundred years was being torn out of them. This is the pain that makes so much black metal so enticing, and Lifvsleda find a way to communicate this struggle with aplomb. What more could you want from a black metal record? 

Evangelii harold is dynamic, exciting and unrelenting. It's a record that showcases performers operating at the top of their game to unveil something truly twisted. Lifvsleda is a mesmerizing offering to say the least and indulging in the darkness is certain to be a delight for those of us who have given our lives over to this music. Let yourself get lost in the flames and gaze upon the hellscape that Lifvsleda have created for us, it's a thriller. 

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