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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Dauþuz - Uranium


Dauþuz have held sway on my imagination for years. They are one of the most distinct and potent German black metal bands, and have been for years now. Their sound is influenced by the mines, the world underneath our own that we all rely on but seem to rarely acknowledge. Such is the power of Dauþuz and their new record, Uranium. On their fifth full length the band take their potent sounds to brave new heights and leave devout listeners obsessed with the wizardry of what they have crafted. This is black metal done right. 

I think what impresses me the most with Dauþuz is their ability to blend majesty with dark and transcendent metal. The use of clean vocals throughout this record is potent, a clear step forward for the band. Uranium is a remarkably diverse and well executed record. The vision throughout though remains clear and the bands ambition shines through. This is a truly dynamic and exciting black metal record, an album that acknowledges the monochromatic nature of their sonic ancestors but adds incredibly stirring panoramas of sound. It makes for an all encompassing, mesmerizing and beautiful listen that fans of the underground will fall deeply in love with. 

Uranium is mind blowing at best and excellent at worst. It's a record that showcases just how talented the members of Dauþuz are and encourages me at least to delve back into their discography. There are myriad layers here, but Dauþuz manage to touch on so much of what makes black metal great. This album is wonderfully evil, subterranean and dark, but also cinematic and deeply emotional. Pained and triumphant, tortured and powerful. If you haven't spun it already, you need too, this one is going to start turning heads fast. 

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