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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Omsorg - Echoes


Omsorg are a thoughtful and exciting hardcore band emerging from Denmark. Their new EP, Echoes may only be 4 songs across 13 minutes but it is impressively articulate. It's a hardcore record for the thinking man, full of post rock flourishes and some truly exciting drum performances. Omsorg prove they are more than just a hardcore band, infusing their music with emotion, exciting sonic explorations and all sorts of twisted underground sorcery. There is a very real sense of poetry that fuels Echoes and makes it far more than just another hardcore record. Omsorg have taken the bones of the genre and reframed them in their own image. Definitely something worth checking out for those looking for new breath in hardcore.

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  1. "Omsorg" is a Norwegian word that translates to "care" or "compassion" in English. "Echoes" suggests a repetition or reverberation of something, like sound bouncing off surfaces. Together, "Omsorg - Echoes" might imply the enduring impact of care or compassion, how it resonates and echoes through time and space, reaching beyond the immediate moment. It could be the title of a piece of art, a poem, or even a concept emphasizing the lasting effects of kindness and empathy. <a href="”>SEO zannatul</a>